It Watches 2016
دانلود زیرنویس فارسی فیلم It Watches 2016 Andre, recovering from a recent accident, agrees to help his friend Robert by taking over a house sitting job at a creepy home nestled in the hills above Los Angeles. As night comes, the house reveals its insidious nature as Andre begins hearing ominous sounds and experiencing strange occurrences throughout the house that lead him to believe he is not alone, and that someone, or something is in the house with him. Andre که درحال بهبود یافتن ناشی از یک تصادف است، قبول میکند که با انجام کار در خانه به دوستش Robert کمک بکند. خانه ای که در بالای تپه های Los Angeles قرار دارد. اما این یک خانه معمولی نیست، هنگامی...

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